People’s Defense Initiative (PDI) is a grassroots, community-led, collective focused on the defense of human rights in Southern Arizona. Our mission is to advance an intersectional movement that challenges structural oppression, exploitation, and the criminalization of poverty.

Core Values

Racial and Socioeconomic Justice

Social & economic justice for all people regardless of their gender, socioeconomic background, ability, or immigration status.

We reject all forms of racism and violence waged against people of color. We strive to directly address and dismantle this violence in all its forms including the five central types: Physical, political, legal, economic and environmental.

Women’s Liberation

The fight for women’s genuine liberation is one of the central components of complete liberation for all working and oppressed people. The struggle against patriarchy in all its forms is and must always be constantly part of our everyday organizational work.

LGTBQ and Gender Equality

The struggle for the rights of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender people is a struggle for basic equality and human rights. We must fight to expand all democratic rights to LGBTQ people for the opportunity to live and participate equally in all aspects of society.

Radical Inclusivity

We are committed to purposeful and radical inclusivity of all people regardless of their sex, gender, class, education, immigration status, sexuality, physical ability, and faith.